Just Ski

What it is

If you interesting in enjoying a break at the Chalet Ste. Marie, but none of our bespoke weeks suit you, then this is the standard Chalet Holiday. Just Ski is for people who just want to do their own thing whilst enjoying our warm hospitality.


Whilst this is your holiday we can offer you any advice or help you need. We know this beautiful area well and we know skiing, so we’ll be on hand if you ever want us.

There is plenty to see and do here if you fancy a change from the slopes, and at the end of the day you come home to the chalet, with all its comforts, and a delicious meal prepared by our chef.

How it works

As with all our holidays, the first step is to give us a call. Tell us how many people there are in group, when you’d like to come and what you’re looking for. You can book the whole chalet, or just come as a smaller group. You don’t lose out by choosing this holiday, you get the same prices and we’ll look after you from the word go.

On this holiday you just ski; we’ll be there if you want us.

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