Dads and Lads

What it is

A Dads and Lads holiday is just what you need: the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your boy(s).

At the Chalet Ste. Marie you and your sons can get away from it all, have FUN together on the slopes, and really bond.


The Chalet Ste. Marie offers a base to experience the most exciting and invigorating winter sports you could hope for. We can arrange ski-dooing, torchlit descents, sleigh rides and visits to the local ice rink to see the French League Division 1 ice hockey team in action.

We can include ski tutoring of all levels in the program, but if you get tired of the slopes, Morzine offers plenty to see and do.

How it works

This holiday works well. It gives you the chance to reconnect whilst leaving the rest of the family in peace! We dedicate the week to Dads and Lads or similar holidays and the ideal age range is 12 to 16 (for the lads that is!) in order to ensure the right atmosphere. You can share a twin room, and you are welcome to come in a group or just as a pair ready to meet new friends.

Give us a call and we will discuss the ideal programme and activities for you so that this will be a holiday for you and your son(s) to treasure for years to come.

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