What it is

“Music is the Food of Love, play on”. Singing holidays can be a truly uplifting experience and where better to sing than in the Alps ‘Sound of Music’ style where you can be thoroughly relaxed and enjoy a musical adventure in this delightful area blessed with a huge number of beautiful mountain environments and all being well, perform at an impromptu or organised event at the end of the week, perhaps in harmony with the local choir.

If you like to indulge your passion with your like minded friends, and do a bit of sightseeing into the bargain, where better to do it.


Generally aimed at choral and show music (Joseph, les Miserables etc.), the group can work in the chalet itself where there is ample room inside the ‘Grande Salon’, out in the garden or on the extensive balcony and huge sun deck, to produce sweet harmonies. For the more expansive experience, we know of a whole host of beautiful settings to blow the vocal cobwebs off.

Moreover, if you have non-singing partners who want to do their own thing, we will look after them as well.

How it works

You can bring your own choir master (who travels free!) or following consultation with you, we can provide you with a specialist in your chosen field and select the music, style and itinerary before the holiday starts.

Typically you might have two singing sessions a day, in between which you can either, practice in groups, have individual sessions with our tutor or simply relax or enjoy the abundance of what the chalet and resort has to offer. When out ‘in the wild’, we will serve you a great packed lunch to enhance the whole experience.

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