What it is

The Haute Savoie has some of the most stunning scenery and man built locations that exist, from moving water, close ups of natural materials, architectural detail, historic ruins, vast vistas and so much more.

If you are a serious or budding photographer, there are few places with the range of environments and subjects that allow you to test yourself and your skills in one visit. It’s almost limitless!
With a bit of luck, you might also get glimpses of the local deer and other wildlife that abound.


After filming, you can use the indoor facilities at the chalet to review your digital pictures and our tutors may use slide shows to demonstrate both their work and their approach to photography.

You will have the opportunity of developing composition skills, light balance, perspective, etc and moreover, you will get an insight into video construction, computer editing and picture enhancement techniques. Where possible, we will set aside time for group tutorials and one-to-one advisory sessions.

How it works

We do not provide cameras or developing facilities, so you will need a digital camera that gives you full control tools and ideally, a tripod. A lap top with editing software will also be essential. We will send you a suggested equipment list with your booking confirmation. We will transport you to the selected locations, some of which can be a bit remote and will require some walking, so you will need to be reasonably fit and we recommend that you don’t carry too much.

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