Nordic Walking

What it is

Nordic Walking is the perfect activity for people who haven’t exercised for a while or who dislike traditional sports or gym activities and can be enjoyed by any fitness level or age.

It’s great for the fitness conscious who like to try new things or if you’d just like to shed a few pounds. Either way, it’s a very sociable way to keep fit in fabulous mountain environment and scenery.

For the more serious, it can enhance rehabilitation from sports injuries and athletes can use its techniques for cross training and incorporate Nordic running into their training regime.


In addition to leg conditioning benefits, Nordic Walking uses movement similar to the upper body action of classic cross country skiing with the aid of specially designed poles to enhance your natural walking technique. This makes it a truly ‘whole body exercise’ which burns up to 40% more calories compared to walking without poles.

Both forms (walking and running) of this exercise form are enjoyed by over 10 million people globally all year round as it helps, to reduce tension, improve gait and strengthen your back.

How it works

Before heading for the hills, our trainer and guide, will give you all the technical information and guidance required for your particular ability level. We will discuss your aspirations and goals and advise on the grade of walk that would be suitable. We will then take you to one of the many defined walks where your guide will accompany you for the day, stopping for lunch at a mountain hut or for a picnic prepared by our chef.

On return to the chalet, our resident masseur will be on hand to sort out the aches and pains before a session in the jacuzzi and a well earned dinner.

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